Who We Are

Realizing the immense need for a competent, reliable, honest and professional Bookkeeping/Accounting Company, which could also offer guidance in other areas of business, SoCal Elite Accounting was created. Our company has a knack for designing or re-designing bookkeeping systems which help owners take their business to greater levels.

Who We Are

Using common sense as our greatest weapon, we love to find new ways to take the work out of paperwork. Putting the client’s needs first has always been our philosophy. With a professional and friendly attitude, SoCal Elite Accounting makes the bookkeeping process understandable for clients. Our goal is to help business owners focus on their dollars and find ways to cut expenses and increase revenue while being able to enjoy life outside their business.

Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it.

SoCal Elite is a first rate accounting firm. Kimberly is a very knowledgeable and Professional. SoCal Elite was able to clean up our books expeditiously allowing us complete our year end financials with a sense of confidence. Kimberly was able to research and resolve legacy items enabling us to closed out previously opened items. SoCal Elite has helped in getting our business back on track with a with her willingness to take a deep-dive into challenges and solve what might be complicated matters for someone without her superb accounting knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Yes. Prior to our first in-person meeting, we will request access to your QuickBooks file to do an analysis (typically 2-3 hours) for free. You will then be provided with a report of your balance sheet and P&L items with our notes. We can then determine in our meeting which direction to go, amount of time it will take and is overall a good foundation to start with. This report is free to you for future use whether you hire us or not.

No. 90% of our client’s books are set-up to be worked on remotely, although, we do have 10% which we need to make office visits. Since each business requires unique packages/services tailored to meet their specific business needs, we offer on-site and remote bookkeeping services.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and QuickBooks Online.

No. We are not a CPA that will file taxes on behalf of business or individuals. We provide bookkeeping services that prepare your books, documents and files ready to hand to a CPA or tax preparation company. Most CPAs do not do or want to do bookkeeping. So companies like ours save your time and money when it comes to getting your books ready for your CPA.

No. Most all of our bookkeeping services are done remotely. Your office does not need to be close to ours. We can work with clients all over the United States.